AFIAP (Artist FIAP) 
Your first acceptance must be received at least 12 months before you can be awarded your AFIAP certificate.  In this period you are required to gain:- a) At least 40 Acceptances with at least 15 different photographs.  b)  This success must have come from at least 15 different salons with FIAP Patronage, and those salons must be spread over at least 8 different countries.   c)  At least 4 of your 15 photographs must each have gained at least ONE acceptance as a PRINT as well as any PDI. 
You will be required to submit a CD Portfolio of 5 digital image files to FIAP. These must be of photographs that have each received at least 3 acceptances from FIAP Patronised Salons. They must be image files on a CD-rom regardless of whether the photographs were exhibited as PDI files or as Prints. PDI workers should be aware that these digital files must have a minimum of 3,600 pixels on the longest side. So, if you haven’t retained a full sized file, capable of this you can’t use it in your portfolio.

All But Two Exited
4th International Exhibition of Photography ''CRNA GORA CIRCUIT'' Podgorica 2018/533
5th Pannonia Reflections, Solvenia 2018/522 - Maitland International Salon,Australia 2019/019 - 35th International Salon Festicolour, Belgium 2019/007 - 96th Scottish International Salon 2019/065 Print
Common Female Redstart
Maitland International Salon, Australia 2019/019
Double Catch
AFAN International Digital Salon, Saudi Arabia 2018/546 IUP Ribbon - 12th NBPC International Salon North Bengal, India 2019/048 FIAP Ribbon - 73rd Bristol Salon of Photography, England 2019/022 
Grey Seal Pup
International Florence Photo Contest,Italy 2018/562  - 44th Smethwick International Salon,England 2018/398 - Yorkshire  International  Salon, England 2018/441 - 1st International Salon ''DSNY'' (Digital Salon of New York) USA 2018/576 -  3rd Photographic Exhibition in Vernon,Normandy France 2019/042 (Print)
Kingfisher With Catch
19th International Photographic Salon Sibiu Romania 2018/307 Florence International Photo Contest,Italy 2018/562 Honourable Mention - 44th Smethwick International Salon,England 2018/398 -  Bohemian Circuit,India 2018/509 - AFAN International Print Salon, Saudi Arabia 2018/546 GPU Ribbon 
Kingfisher With Minnow
51st Howarh Photography Salon, India 2019/024 
Kingfisher With Minnow 1
7th Greek Photographic Circuit, Crete, Greece 2019/143 - 7th Greek Photographic Circuit, Santorini, Greece 2019/144
 1st Nepalian Salon, Nepal 2019/167 - 7th Greek Photographic Circuit, Santorine, Greece 2019/144 - 3rd Rainbow International Circuit, Pathshala, India 2019/097 
Osprey 28
International Florence Photo Contest,Italy 2018/562 - BPA 3rd India International Digital Salon 2018/564 GPU Ribbon - 1st Bangladesh International Salon 2018/537 BPS Silver Award - Photo Art Vision Czech Republic 2018/563 - 3rd Bulgria Photo Contest 2018/494 - Bohemian Circuit,India 2018/508-9-10 Bohemian Merit -5th Pannonia Reflections, Solvenia 2018/522 - 1st International Contest Capodimonte Small Prints, Montrenegro 2018/475  
Red Deer Rutting
Miracle Image 5th International Salon, India 2019/003 
Scottish Mountain Hare
Exposure 2018 7th International Salon,India 2018/559 - 3rd Bulgria Photo Contest 2018/494 - 4th International Exhibition of Photography ''CRNA GORA CIRCUIT'' Podgorica Montrenegro 2019/533
Scottish Mountain Hare 6
OBSESSION OF LIGHT 7th Vantaa Photoclub,Finland International Exhibition 2019/129 NFFF HM Nature -
Screaming Bittern
1st Ecquador International Salon 2019/147 
Short Eared Owl
7th Greek Photographic Circuit, Rhodes, Greece 2019/146 - Nice PhotoService Lisboa, Portugal 2019/059 

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