Iceland has always been on my bucket list of places to visit as I've always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights, so I organised a trip to centre around the best chances of a view, which I must add is not a guarantee. With that in mind I had to be realistic and pick locations of interest during the day.
Day 1 flew to Iceland, picked up hire car and drove 4 1/2hrs southeast to Hotel Skaftatella, on the way visited Vik, awful day for Photography, that evening skies were clearish But no Lights.
Day 2 Visited Diamond Beach & the Glacier Lagoon, great day spending time doing Rlections, using different filters etc. That evening the skies were clearish but no lights.
Day 3 spent the morning again on the beach and Lagoon before heading North to Hotel Gullfoss, the journey was nail biting with very strong winds/rain and driving snow. Too cloudy for Lights.
Day 4 was pouring rain all day, not going to be a great day for photography, so Geysir it was & a few other places locally, again too cloudy for Lights.
Day 5 And our last full day/night, found a really nice Waterfall off the beaten track and Kerid Crater and we had our first day of blue skies which helped, on the way to Geysir we had a super rainbow and a laugh at Geysir it's self.  This was our last opportunity to see the Northern Lights and sure enough even though it was part cloud did manage to get some great results.
Day 6 Was time to head back to the airport and on the way even though the wind was strong at times we did stop off at various locations to enjoy the Veiws.
Conclusion - The people of Iceland are excellent, our accommodation at both Hotels wa extremely clean & Tidy, There was a great variety of selections at breakfast, for photography unfortunately the weather was not kind to me but i made the most of it and certainly enjoyed my time in Iceland. Obviously the Icing on the cake was the Northern Lights and what a superb view I had Absolutely Spectacular.
Jokulsarlon Lagoon
Gulfoss Falls

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